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"This decision is the fruit of an intimate

Male organ function and manhood health are often related http://www.cheapmlbtwinsjerseys.com/brian-dozier/ , as a healthy member is more likely to function in a more effective manner. However, sometimes male organ function is less a matter of health and more a matter of other physiological or psychological factors. This is often the case with early on seed release, a condition of concern to many men. Interestingly enough, a May 2017 presentation at the American Urological Association indicated there may be help for early on seed release from a surprising source: benzocaine wipes.

The study

The presentation was an interim report on an ongoing trial, entitled “P69-02 Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial of Topical 4% Benzocaine Wipes for Management of Early on Seed Release.” To break that down a little, a double-blind trial means that some participants will be given a treatment (in this case, benzocaine wipes) and others will be given a placebo (plain wipes without benzocaine), and that neither the participants nor the scientists performing the trial will know who is being given which. Randomized means that people are assigned the benzocaine wipes or the placebo at random, rather than people with certain characteristics getting one or the other.

According to a press release, the presentation indicated that 4% benzocaine wipes improve both the physical and psychology symptoms of early on seed release. Twenty-one men (straight and each in a monogamous relationship) were studied. Each reported male organ function issues related to early on seed release. In this instance, early on seed release is defined as lasting an average of two minutes or less after penetration of the female organ during coupling. Fifteen of the men received the benzocaine wipes; six received the placebo wipes.

The data so far is promising. Men in the treatment group are reporting lasting longer than men in the placebo group, and they are reporting better psychological results, stemming from less distress over their male organ function issues.

A real issue

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 men who are 18 to 59 years old have experience with early on seed release issues. As a matter of fact, early on seed release is generally considered the most common male sensual dysfunction condition.

Although early on seed release can be defined as a man releasing at any time other than when he is ready, most of the time doctors consider seed release within 2-4 minutes of penetration to be early on. There can be a host of reasons for this.

For example, some men release early because of simple inexperience. They find that as they become more accustomed to penetrative sensual activity that they are able, in general, to last longer than when they first started.

Other men may release early only because of pressure or concern over how they are doing; they worry so much that they don’t perform the way they would like to. And in some cases, a man simply has very sensitive nerves in his manhood, or is engaging in sensual activity in a manner which overstimulates those nerves.

The current study is incomplete and too small-scale to provide definitive answers. However, they do provide hope that simply applying a benzocaine wipe to a member prior to coupling may be able to help some men achieve more satisfying male organ function.

Benzocaine wipes will not address all function issues, of course, which is one reason why maintaining male organ health at a premium level is important. Regular application of a superior manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help maintain general member health and the benefits that health bestows. The best crèmes contain L-arginine, an amino acid involved in nitric oxide production, which in turn helps keep member blood vessels open and receptive to increased blood flow. Be sure the crème also includes vitamin A, which has antibacterial properties that eliminate unwanted bacteria, including many of those which result in unpleasantly strong and persistent manhood odors.

PARIS, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- Former economy minister Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced he will be a candidate for the next year's French presidential election.

"I'm ready. I am a candidate for the presidency of the Republic because I believe that we can succeed, that France can succeed," Macron said.

"This decision is the fruit of an intimate and deep conviction," he added.

Denouncing a blocked political system and "obsolete rules," the former investment banker called on "all women and men of good will, those who believe in freedom and progress" to act in a bid to "to bring France into the 21st century, to make the country recovering."

"In a few months on the occasion of the presidential election, an opportunity is offered to us. The responsibility of the president of the Republic is immense and I am aware of it," he told reporters.

Macron, 38, said he was joining the race to the Elysee Palace as an independent candidate and campaigning for "hope" and "fight for all of France."

"The challenge for me is not to appeal to the left. It is not for me today to appeal to the right. The challenge is to bring the French together," he said.

The pro-business contender joined the Socialist government in August 2014 to replace ousted economy minister Arnaud Montebourg. Two years later, he quit his post to focus on his political career.

He has never held an elected post. He disclosed his political ambition after creating his own political movement "En Marche" (On the Move) in April, vowing to lead the movement "to 2017 and to victory."

A recent Elabe survey showed that Macron would garner 27 percent of votes in the first round of election, while Hollande . Cheap Finland Jerseys   Cheap Czech Republic Hockey Jerseys   Cheap USA Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Canada Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Russia Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Oilers Jerseys   Cheap Kings Jerseys   Cheap Jets Jerseys   Cheap Sharks Jerseys   Cheap Senators Jerseys

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