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"The dialogues would be beneficial to

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- China is the wrong target for sanctions related to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s nuclear issue Amara Darboh Rush Jersey , Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said here Friday.

"Both China and the United States benefit from bilateral trade, so efforts to undermine Sino-U.S. trade, or even slapping sanctions on China, I think would be off-target Nazair Jones Rush Jersey ," Cui said at a Chinese National Day reception.

"If someone were to pressure China or impose sanctions on China over the DPRK, it would not be supported by many U.S. citizens," Cui said.

"Workers at U.S. airplane factories, farmers growing soybeans Delano Hill Rush Jersey , companies that sell smartphones to China, manufacturers that enjoy large market shares in China, companies in the service sector that have gained trade surplus in China, U.S. states that engage in robust trade with China would all stand against it Shaquill Griffin Rush Jersey ," Cui said.

Cui's remarks came after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this month that the United States is considering "stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea."

Cui said that despite differences between China and the United States, he is confident about the future of bilateral relations.

The two sides are currently in close contact over Trump's upcoming state visit to China, as well as a series of high-level dialogues on issues including cyber security and humanistic exchanges that were initiated earlier this year.

"The dialogues would be beneficial to Sino-U.S. relationship in the long run," Cui said.

RAMALLAH Ethan Pocic Rush Jersey , Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President MahmoudAbbas said Sunday he was satisfied with Islamic Hamas movement'searlier decision to take practical steps towards achieving internalreconciliation.

Abbas, who arrived in New York for joining the UN annual GeneralAssembly meetings, said in an official statement that he wassatisfied with Hamas' declaration in Cairo to reconcile.

Earlier on Sunday, Hamas leaders Malik McDowell Rush Jersey , who have been holding talkswith senior Egyptian security intelligence officials, said in anofficial statement that they were ready to make reconciliation withAbbas Fatah Party.

Hamas announced earlier that it had dissolved an administrativecommittee to manage the daily affairs in Gaza. The forming of thecommittee has outraged Abbas, who insisted that it should beresolved in order to resume the dialogue with Hamas.

Hamas, which has been ruling the Gaza Strip since seizingcontrol of it in 2007 Shaquem Griffin Rush Jersey , has expressed readiness to receive thePalestinian consensus government in Gaza and to allow it to workproperly.

Leaders of the Hamas-run administrative committee in Gaza alsosaid that they were ready to fully cooperate with the consensusgovernment and to hand over the Gaza Strip affairs.

Spokesman of the consensus government in Ramallah Yousefal-Mahmoud said that the government was fully prepared to go to theGaza Strip immediately and to take over the coastal enclave.

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