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by Alona Liashenko

KIEV http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- Jailed former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko may be granted a prison break for medical treatment abroad as Kiev struggles to ink deals with the European Union (EU) next month.

The imprisonment of Tymoshenko, viewed by some countries as "selective justice," has become a key stumbling block in Ukraine's integration bid with the EU.


In October 2011, Tymoshenko, who was in office from 2007 to 2010 http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , was sentenced to seven years in jail on a power abuse charge over a 2009 gas deal with Russia.

But the former prime minister did not keep herself out of politics even behind the bars.

Her transfer from a female penal colony to a state-run out-of-prison health center in early 2012 for medical treatment of her back troubles has grown into a scandal.

She claimed prison guards beat her while taking her to the hospital by force and went on a hunger strike.

The alleged mistreatment of Tymoshenko has drawn strong criticism from the international community on the eve of the Euro 2012 European Soccer tournament in Ukraine. A number of European politicians and officials threatened to boycott the football championship.

Meanwhile, Tymoshenko faced new charges, including tax evasion and involvement in the death of Yevhen Shcherban, an influential lawmaker and businessman killed in 1996.

Ukrainian experts said Tymoshenko's popularity rose after her conviction, as people regarded her as a victim of political vendetta of the current authorities and sympathized with her.

"The story of the condemned Tymoshenko turned into a public drama that caused a lot of emotion http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , especially in Europe," Ukrainian political scientist Olexandr Paliy told Xinhua.


Tymoshenko's issue has once thrown into disarray Kiev's plans to sign political association and free trade deals with the EU.

During the Ukraine-EU summit in December 2011, the Association Agreement was not signed as the EU said Tymoshenko's "politically-motivated trial" raised questions over Ukraine's democratic credentials and commitment to European values.

Ukrainian analysts say they do not expect a repetition of the negative scenario at the upcoming Eastern Partnership summit in Lithuania on Nov. 28-29.

According to Volodymyr Fesenko, an analyst of the Penta political think-tank, the EU has strong economic and geopolitical interests in the partnership agreement with Ukraine http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , so Brussels will search for a mutually beneficial solution with Kiev to the Tymoshenko controversy.

"Most European countries are interested in signing an agreement with Ukraine and they are ready to take flexible trade-offs," Fesenko said.

Experts say a failure to sign the partnership deals with Kiev would mean a fiasco of the EU's Eastern Partnership initiative aimed at pushing former Soviet states closer to EU's sphere of influence.

Thus, Brussels seems already determined to sign pacts with Kiev despite some outstanding issues. But the EU still expects Ukraine, as a European country, to show respect for different political forces and support healthy political competition by resolving the Tymoshenko case.


Experts say there could be three different scenarios to resolve the row over Tymoshenko before the November summit -- pardon http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , amnesty or permission for traveling abroad for medical treatment.

However, it is unlikely for Kiev to grant amnesty or pardon to the former prime minister, who is also being investigated on other charges. Analysts say that would contradict Ukrainian laws.

Moreover, it is also widely believed that the current authorities do not want to fully clear the opposition leader of her jail sentence, which would allow Tymoshenko to perform a political comeback and take part in the 2015 presidential elections.

The full rehabilitation of Tymoshenko and her appearance in the Ukrainian election campaign will also be an unpleasant surprise for current opposition leaders http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , analysts said.

They are satisfied with the current situation, in which Tymoshenko is a symbol of the opposition but cannot affect the political balance in the opposition camp, said Konstantin Bondarenko, head of the Kiev-based Institute of Ukrainian Politics.

The three opposition political forces, which collectively have 173 seats in a 450-member parliament http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , certainly will have an impact on the adoption of laws relating to Tymoshenko.

The most likely solution to the Tymoshenko issue, experts say, will be to pass a bill under which the former prime minister will have a prison break to travel abroad for medical treatment.

That would be acceptable for both the Ukrainian opposition and the ruling party, and sufficient for the EU to sign the partnership agreements.

Under this scenario, Tymoshenko will have to return to prison in Ukraine after receiving her treatment and could not run in the 2015 presidential election.

The Ukrainian parliament will consider this bill in early November. President Viktor Yanukovych has agreed to sign the document http://www.authenticnflsteelersshop.com … ersey.html , if the parliament approves it.

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